Anecdotes. Most funny and fresh anecdotes, jokes and humorous stories. Humor for all!

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More than 100,000 best jokes in your iPhone and iPad! Freshest, most ridiculous!

- Shtirlits, Vovochka, Petka and Vasily Ivanovich, Brezhnev and other
- Jews, Georgians, Armenians, and other nationalities Chukchi
- About the hospital and doctors, nuthouse, hospital, pharmacy
- About the police and traffic police, judges and lawyers
- Pro military warrant chiefs and secretaries
- Fishermen and hunters
- About writers, actors, journalists
- About the children, pupils, students
- Pro thieves and crooks
- Husband and wife, mother-in-law, female logic, wedding
- Travel, Holiday, Restaurant
- Pro alcoholics and drug addicts
- Black humor, animals
- Wealth and Poverty

The application is updated regularly!

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