"A Dont Bounce off the Un-lucky Cactus - Flying Bee Spikes Jump-ing Adventure Challenge PRO"

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Games

Version: 1.0

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App description:

***This Game Has No Ads***

Help the bee to collect more honey and return to the beehive safely.
Avoid the spikes to survive. Jump more to stay alive!

How to play:

•	Tap play icon to start
•	Tap the screen for the bee to jump
•	Avoid the cactus spikes and earn more points
•	When the game is over, tap replay to start over


•	Easy to control
•	Simple game objective
•	Retina graphics
•	Leaderboard display
•	Excellent sound effects
•	Small game size
•	Soothing color background
•	Easy to download
•	Wholesome theme

***Cute, exciting and very simple game available for download now!!!

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