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Stuck on a problem? Get unstuck with got it! within minutes. Your time is precious! Simply:
- Snap a picture of your algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, physics or chemistry problem
- In 30 seconds, get matched with a qualified expert for an interactive, 10 minute chat session
- Get a personalized step-by-step explanation of how to work through your problem
- Need extra help? Ask your expert for even more during your 10 minute chat session!

got it! reaches a vast pool of qualified STEM experts who have experience with millions of problems and chat sessions. They care about teaching you how to solve your problem! The only app that can deal with word problems and diagrams, Math AND Science, not just equations, and AP subjects also!

High school, university,  community college or homeschooled students have seen big improvements in their grades, with extremely affordable plans, and no scheduling required, 24X7. 

Our experts all have college degrees in math or science, and go through rigorous screening, training, and ongoing audits to ensure that you get accurate, timely help. We guarantee it, or you get your credits back.

* Students Love GotIt! *

“If you are in a math class, this is the best app you can download! It is perfect. They don’t just give you the answer, they teach you how to solve it.”

“I totally love this app. Not only will the experts help me find the answer, but they will walk me through it and explain the entire question. I encourage every student to get it!”

“Thank you so much for this app - it is literally a life saver! I don’t think anyone realizes how useful it is and how many times it has saved my skin!”

“If I could meet the creator of this app, I would give you a huge hug! You have helped me so much and lowered my stress level by at least 99%. I not only love that you give me the answer, but follow a step-by-step procedure to get it!”

“I’ve downloaded many apps similar to this, but I’d say that this is best by far. I absolutely love this app! :) I’m already getting really good grades because of it.”

“So happy to have found this app. The experts are extremely helpful.”

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