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Version: 2.0.2

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Welcome to the best invoice system for Amway products on the Appstore. Scan4pase is a great tool that allows anyone to calculate retail and IBO prices for multiple Amway products. With its ingenious invoices, handling PV / BV transfers has never been easier. And when you have promotions, simply edit the prices on a copy of existing Amway products or create your own to use throughout the entire app. Simply add products to the cart, and let scan4pase do all the hard work for you.

 - Includes all Amway products (Kept up to date)
 - Calculates:
     * Subtotals (IBO & Retail)
     * Grand Totals (IBO & Retail)
     * PV BV Totals
     * Credit Card Transaction Fees
 - Ingenious Invoices
 - Barcode Scanner
 - New and Improved Interface

Note: Scan4pase does not include any credit card processing. It's credit card transaction fee calculations are for convenience only. You can change the percentages in the settings. Also custom products are easily identifiable throughout the app with its green color.

Created By: Dhruv Sringari

TAG: app, iPhone & iPad,Business

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