Recorder Plus HD : voice record, audio editor, audio player

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Utilities

Version: 2.7.3

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Price: Free

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App description:

New Generation Voice Recorder: Easy to record, Easy to review, Easy to edit, Easy to share! 

Your ultimate solution for audio recording on iPhone/iPod touch because of the following key features:

1.Easy to Record: 
(1)Support input with Bluetooth headset, external mic, linein, usb audio
(2)Real-time display of recording waveform 
(3)Sound activated recording: Recorder will pause automatically when no sound is around and start automatically when sound is coming. 
(4)Adjust Input Gain: Maybe the sound is too low for recording, adjust input gain can make your recording better. 
(5)Add markers when recording  
(6)The recording time length only depends on the disk space and battery power!
(7)Auto resume recording after interrupted by incoming call or alarm clock!
(8)Pause/Resume when recording

2.Easy to Review: 
(1)Use markers to quickly select a specific audio position 
(2)Support playback with AirPlay.
(3)Support 0.5, 1.5, 2 playback speed
(4)FF, Rewind, Loop control

3.Easy to Manage:
(1)Manage recordings with categories.
(2)Attach picture and text title to each recording.
(3)Auto backup original recordings to Google Drive.
All recordings are extremely important!
But you may lost them in these situation:
(a)Recordings are deleted in mis-operation or the app is deleted in mis-operation.
(b)iPhone/iPad is restored without backup.
(c)iPhone/iPad is broken or lost.
Maybe you think the odds are rare, but we do receive emails for help in these super disaster situation every week!
And we always feel very bad to reply that it is impossible to get these files back if iPhone/iPad had not backup before the disaster happen.
So we strongly recommend users to backup recordings automatically with Google Drive. (This feature is available even in free version and there is NO trial limit)
(4)Add markers and marker description to existing recording

4.Easy to Edit: 
(1)non-destructive editing, can reverse back to original recording with a single tap
(2)Cut, Copy, Paste, Redo, Undo.  Animation shows the editing process
(3)Import audio file from other apps or from Cloud drive

5.Easy to Share: 
(1)Export M4A(mp4), aiff, caf format
(2)Export recordings with iTunes.
(3)Export with WiFi
(4)Export with Email
(5)Export to Cloud: iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
(6)Export to Facebook
(7)Export to Photo Album
(8)Export to other apps

Professional users can ADDITIONALLY purchase an upgrade pack in paid version to get the following extra functions:
(1)Support more samplerate
(2)Support more bitdepth
(3)Monitoring support (Monitoring with headset when recording)
(4)Support remote control to start recording and add marker!

TAG: app, iPhone & iPad,Utilities

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