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The Jobjuice Finance & Investment Banking App is a complete MBA level finance review and investment banking guide! 

The Universal version 2.1 App emphasizes extreme practicality and efficiency as an interview preparation and reference tool providing vast amounts of finance information at your fingertips!

The App is intuitively laid out and cross-referenced between the Accounting, Valuation, Capital Markets, LBOs, M&A and Options sections. The App contains over 80 cards and includes a section on interview strategies and a practice section that will help you prepare for the most demanding job interviews.


Over 80 cards filled with accounting, finance and valuation concepts and examples 
A complete Interview Framework section with great interview tips 
Create your own groups of cards by topic or interview question 
Use the practice section and flip through random cards
Use the Q&A section to practice typical finance interview questions 
Use easy links within cards to take you to related information/cards
Find topics using the deck’s search engine 

Jobjuice was founded by Wharton MBAs, who while at business school provided their fellow students with powerful interview and reference tools for Finance, I-Banking, Strategy, Consulting and Marketing. 

"There are a lot of details to consider in tackling an investment banking problem, and I found this tool to be an ideal way of cementing a mental 'checklist' of relevant points in my mind."
Arik Prawer - Summer Associate, Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette

"Jobjuice cards have effectively summarized many of the concepts I have learned at school in order to prepare me for interviews and as a quick reference to maintain the knowledge I have gained. In short, they have been an exceptional investment." Geoffrey Hart – Wharton MBA

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Financial Statement Overview
Income Statement 
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow Statement 
Fin. Stmts. - How They Relate
Fin. Stmts. - Interaction Chart
Income Statement Adjustments
Inventory Accounting Methods
Liquidity Ratios
Leverage Ratios
Activity Ratios
Profitability Ratios
Growth Ratios
Coverage Ratios
Measuring Returns Ratios
Financial Ratios: Quick View
Deferred Tax Accounting
Accounting for Depreciation
Valuation Overview
Total Enterprise Value
Market Value of Equity
3 Valuation Methods
Key Factors Influencing Valuation
Hierarchy of Values 
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Cash Flows for DCF
Calculating Discount Rates
DCF Example
Public Market Comparables Valuation
Public Market Valuation Example
Precedent Transactions Valuation
Precedent Transactions Example
Valuation Multiples
Valuation Multiples Cont. 
Triangulation of Value 
Pros and Cons of Valuation Methods
APV Valuation 
Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Debt and Equity Instruments
Debt Ratings and Pricing
Debt Ratings 
Optimal Capital Structure 
Optimal Capital Structure Graph A&B
Initial Public Offerings
Federal Reserve Role 
Derivatives and the Great Recession
CDO Structure
Private Equity Overview
Private Equity Waterfall
Private Equity Waterfall Example
Leveraged Buyouts
LBO Model Components
Leveraged Buyout Trends
Leveraged Buyouts Example
M & A Strategy
EPS Accretion/Dilution
M&A Modeling 
M&A Modeling Example 
Acquisition Structuring 
Acquisition Currency
Acquisitions: Purchase Methods
LBOs and M&A Questions
Financial Options Valuation 
Option Strategies 1
Option Strategies 2
Option Strategies 3
Option Strategies 4 
Real Options Valuation
How to get an Interview
Before the Interview
The Interview Framework
You’re in the Driver’s Seat
Who are you?
Do you want to work here?
Interest in Finance
Knowledge of Investment Banking
Investment Banking Groups
Types of I-Banks
Knowledge of the Firm
Will you succeed in this environment?
Are you analytical?
How to approach difficult questions
Impress me one more time

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