Voice Changer Calls Funny Prank Effects Recorder

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by ZT.art
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Do you wanna make your voice different?
Do you wanna change your voice with some super cool effects?
With this fabulous super voice changer, you can make the most special voices in the world!

You can change a girl sound to a man sound or change a boy sound to a baby sound. You may wish to share your funny voices with your friends. Have Fun!

Great Features:
# Various funny voice effects and background scene sounds
# Real-time recording voices
# Record funny sounds and Prank it with your friends.
# Support high quality long-time sound recording
# Pause function for recording and playback

Have fun with your kids and friends with prank voices!

How to use this app? Talk through the megaphone with the built-in recorder —> make voice transformation —> add a scene voice effect —> Save/Share 

We provide so many scene effects such as Girl, Boy, Evil, Turtle, Rabbit, Robot, Beach, Calling, Claps, Bubble, Cheer, Cough, Dolphin, Flush, Guitar, Fire, Ghost, HeavySeas, Horror, InTheSea, Night, I
nsect, Lightning, Pee, Rain, RowBoat, Shower, Rapids, SeaWave, Siren, Snore, Train, WalkieTalkie, Stream, UnderWater, WaterDrop, Waterfall, Wiper, Wind and so on!

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