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Color Therapy is #1 Adult Coloring App/Book in App Store! 

Join Millions of Our Grown ups Users who love to color!

With more than 1000s of Stunning and yet FREE Adult Coloring Pages , Color Therapy will provide you the perfect Bliss, Relaxation and Mindfulness you deserve!

Color Therapy, The Premium Stress Relieving Digital Adult Coloring Book/App for Adults and Grown Ups is * FREE * 

"Remember when you were a kid and you colored in coloring books? Color Therapy is a stress-relieving, digital coloring book for adults, and the teens we talked with swear by it" ~ Business Insider

" My new relaxing addiction , I would give this app 11 stars, the best one in market "

" Best Adult Coloring App I have so far, Tons of designs to choose from"

" This adult coloring app has the most variation of coloring pages and beautiful color palettes "

" There are so many pictures to pick from that you don't have to wait around for new content"


1. More than 1000 ( added every week) coloring pages in various different theme : 
- Seasonal         : Biggest holiday such as Christmas, Valentine, Chinese New year, and more
- Floral & Trees  : Flowers, Trees, Exotic, Twig & Blossom & more
- Animals           : Cat, Butterflies, Wild animals, Dog series, Fish,  Birds, Dinosaur & more
- Typography     : Beautiful calligraphy , Doodle Typography, and more!
- The Sign         : 12 Stunning Horoscope and Chinese Zodiac
- Art                  : Japanese inspired Zentangle, Feather art, Hearts, Paisley, Enchanting Fairies & more
- Patterns          : Origami, Abstract, Tribal & more
- Mandalas        : Celtic, Artistic, Geometric, Mandala & more
- Goth               : Skull, Tattoo Art, & more
- People            : Famous people, Legend, USA leaders & more
New Adult Coloring Pages will be added every week, stay tuned!

2. Many stunning beautiful color Palettes : SOLID and GRADIENTS!

- Basic colors
- Pastel
- Vibrant
- Dark Shades
- Autumn 
- Nature
- Lullaby
- Exotic
- Fruity 
- Hopeless Romantic 
- Thanksgiving 
- Bubblegum 
- Vintage 
- Rainbow 
- Winter 
- Classic 
- Serene 
- 6 Different Stunning Ombre Color
- Shades of Gray
- Skin Shades
- Seasonal : Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Valentine, Easter and more
New Palettes will be added Regularly! 

3. Amazing Customization :
- Choose Different Line Color : Black, White, Gold, No line
- Choose Special Effects : Canvas painting, Silk, Fabric, Graffiti, Watrcolor, Pencil Sketch, Crayon, and More!
- Choose Frames : From Classic frame, Frameless, to Realistic Wood and Metal frame

4. Beautiful calming music and sound FX
- Choose 3 free music and 8 premium one : Fur elise, Jazz, Therapy, Rainforest, Classical, and more!
P.S --> You can still listen to your own music, by turning our MUSIC OFF

5. Easy & User friendly ! 
- Simply Tap to start coloring and create your beautiful artworks!

6. You can put " Creator's Name " at your Beautiful Creation!

7. Seamless sharing to your friends and family!
- Easily share your amazing creation through Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter, FB messenger, and More!

Keep in touch
It's just a start of our exciting journey with Color Therapy! We listen to our valued customers, so don't hesitate to keep in touch with us :

-Instagram : @ColorTherapyApp
-Facebook :
-Website : www.ColorTherapy.Me

Love Color Therapy and Want more features?
Please show us some love by giving us 5 star review ***** so we can keep updating you with amazing new features! If you want to get faster updates

Don't forget to grant us access to " Push Notification ", so we can update you every time we have new pages and features available for you!!

Stay Calm, Relax, and Color Therapy !

Color Therapy

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