Adult Emoji, Flirty Icons and Sexy Text

Platform: iPhone & iPad

Category: Social Networking

Version: 3.1.4

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by Jendalu Ventures
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App description:

Send Adult Emojis directly in your texting screen from the keyboard. Spice up your messages with 750 Adult Emoji icons. These icons will make you funny and creative in your chats.

Perfect for joking with friends or texting with your partner, this app is pure fun. It's simple and straight forward to use. All the Adult icons are categorised into 7 galleries and can be easily browsed.

The icons are original and in high quality. When you tap an icon it's copied to your device's clipboard. Then, you can paste this icons into any chat app that supports pasting images, such as the built in Messages app or other popular messenger apps. The app contains a short instructional video that shows exactly how it's done. It's super easy and super fast.

Unlike other apps, the icons in this app are pixel perfect: large, sharp and fit beautifully within your chat.

If you're missing an icon, tap the "Missing an icon" button at the end of each icon gallery. That's an easy way to contact us and tell us what you would like us to add.

Make your messages funny - download now!

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