The mission of myAppWiz is to reduce your efforts in discovering an app that you love.

Have you ever wondered what apps to install on your new smart phone?

Have you ever been tired of browsing through app stores for new apps?

Have you ever seen a cool app on iPhone but failed to find a similar app on your Android?

At myAppWiz, we believe apps are the key to mobile user experiences. We also believe your ability to discover and share apps should not be restricted by platforms such as iOS, Android, or Windows Phone. Therefore, myAppWiz exists to fill the gap between you and the apps you will love.

Since 2013, myAppWiz has been strive to create innovative technologies that will enrich your app discovering experience.

For example, for every app you find through myAppWiz, we provides its match/similar apps on other mobile platforms. We are also continuously improving our app recommendation engine to find the hottest app that suit to you.

Please come and visit us at and let us know your feedback. Our only goal is to make you satisfied, so your feedback may very well become our next new feature!